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Is it your passion to become a teacher?

Some people are fond of becoming very good teachers and educate people well with their experience. If you also want to cultivate your experience with students and make them a successful person, then register to become a teacher today.


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If you want to become a teacher and want to teach on EDU 24 platform, for that you either have to come in preparation for a government job or you must have good command in any IT, Coding Industry, Foreign Languages, Motivation, Time Management or marketing related knowledge. What is more important than that is that you should have a passion for education, teaching should be your hobby, if you have all these qualities, then you can become an educator at Edu24 and your students can be guided for their future. Can give instructions and share your experience

Edu24 Provides Education Content in Video, PDF, Mock Test, Articles, Images and Live Video Session for our learners so Instructor should have expertise in these and tools uses in these

  • Self Confident
  • Quick Lerner
  • Deep Knowledge about Key Domain
  • Good Speaker
  • Easy with Live Video Sessions
Edu24 Platform gives you Course, Events, Mock test, Live Sessions, Shop features for your teachers

So, Start your Career with Edu24 and make Courses, Events and take Live Sessions to Educate India's New Generation with your experience